Dawood represented me for both the sale of my old home and purchase of my new home. He was incredibly patient and supportive throughout the whole process. It took me well over a year to find my new house and he never made me feel pressured to make a decision. Finally we found the perfect home … I couldn’t have done it without his dedication and patience!

Daphne Greer

“STOP AND READ!! You will not regret taking a few minutes to read this review. It will be the last one you read. Trust me, please. I do not even know where to begin. Dawood: Professional, knowledgeable, organized, committed whole heartedly to to process, compassionate to your situation, willing to go above and beyond for his clients happiness whether it ends up in a sale or not. He truly has your interest at heart, not a quick commission. I will tell you I was far from a dream client, not that Dawood ever made me feel like a burden. He would never conceive of it. I was unsure of the area I wanted to buy in, of the property type I really wanted and to make it more complicated I was working on a short deadline. What was beyond comforting is that Dawood has this amazing way of listening to your wants, needs, fears etc but concurrently educating you and bringing to light realistic possibilities that fit your needs and dreams. I never felt like he was pushing me in a direction, rather gently guiding me through the process to an end result that would make my heart happy. My home. My sanctuary. He continuously took me to properties I had found, though they never turned out to be very good, which he knew prior to visiting but never said no. This allowed me to be a part of my biggest purchase. After we looked my less than favorable finds we would then continue on to his properties. The biggest problem with the properties he brought to me was choosing which one I liked best, as they were always on point. Dawood stayed by my side beginning to end. He has even stayed past the end and helped me with resources for a handful of home improvements I wanted to invest in. He will be the first person I will call for my next real estate investment. And I say person, not agent intentionally because I don’t perceive Dawood as an agent. He is a dedicated, kind soul looking to help you find your dream, your happiness. He is truly one of a kind. Do not pass up an opportunity to have him in your corner.”

Selof Freda

It is my absolute pleasure to write a review of Dawood. To say Dawood was the best service provider I’ve ever dealt with wouldn’t be saying enough. As a Canadian buying in Orlando, the experience could have been daunting. With Dawood by my side, I was never unsure of every move I made. He has a wealth of experience. He referred my to notaries, banks, accountants, property managers, insurance brokers, etc… It was one stop with Dawood and I’m forever speaking his virtues and hope that everyone I speak to of him uses his phenomenal services. Its been over a year since I closed my property (which i love) with Dawood’s help and he is still in contact and ensures that everything is still okay. Do yourself a favour and call Dawood. The instant you speak with him, you will feel the difference and never look back! Thanks again, Dawood! You are truly the greatest!”


We loved working with Dawood. He was so knowledgeable of the Orlando area. He was always responsive the texts, calls and emails at all hours of the day. He worked to negotiate in our favor and we received everything we could’ve asked for and more. We love our new home and it wouldn’t have been possible without Dawood. I would highly recommend working with him for all of your realtor needs.

Meagan Bureau

I meet Dawood through a common friend for the first time in Orlando a few month ago and since than I have felt that I have made a friend for life all the advice that he gave me were 100% accurate he is one of the most genuine people that I have meet in a long time and just after knowing him for a few days I bought 3 brand new vacation homes at the new Encore water park resort I’m absolutely happy with my investment and the properties already have bookings on them throughout the year and would recommend him to anybody interested in investing in the US.


Dawood has extensive knowledge of the Orlando area. Several times during the sale I felt relieved that Dawood was by my side, working with me. Dawood was especially helpful in dealing with the particulars of the sale. He was always available and returned my calls promptly. Dawood is calm, level-headed, and proficient in his trade. If I become involved in any future transactions in the Orlando area I will seek out Dawood again.

Ian Milne

My experience with Dawood was exceptional he exceeded many expectations he was there for me when I was having many problems with the TD Bank USA l couldn’t believe this guy stuck by me through my difficulties.  When I know of anyone looking to buy south he will be recommending Dawood hands down.


Based on my experience Dawood is a great advocate for his clients. No request seemed too small or too big for him. He really shows that he cares about his clients and is eager to do what it takes to get the job done. He pays close attention to detail and follows through on his commitments. I highly recommend him.

Mike Miroballi

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